ABBRA – American Boat Builders & Repairers Association

Members-Only Webinar Presented by My-Villages: Using Technology to Increase Loyalty and Your Bottom Line

Starts: May 15

Ends: May 15

The Boat Village is an online service boat management tool that streamlines service coordination, improves customer loyalty and drives revenue. The Boat Village lets you create a digital profile of customers’ vessels, including onboard equipment, digitized equipment manuals, operating instructions, how-to videos and a customized maintenance plan. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your client’s boat and reminds you when the boat needs service, based on manufacturer recommendations or your own maintenance protocols; helping you stay more aware of customer needs. With a touch of a button you can send customer’s an alert and a service request that they can review and approve online – all within the same application. Service history records and usage logs are included too, accessible via any smartphone, tablet or computer, anytime and from anyplace. The result is a digital system that helps improve customer’s ownership experience and allows you to communicate and coordinate service with customers like never before.

The webinar will explain how the application will allow you to:

– Send automated reminders to customers when service is due, allowing them to approve work online without a lot of back-and-forth hassle

– Move on jobs faster, by giving you information about the boat that you need to get moving on jobs faster. For example, pulling parts will be dramatically easier, because you’ll know exactly what’s on the boat

– Proactively schedule preventative maintenance work between immediate repair needs to smooth out scheduling

– Allow you to update the customer on work in progress or when it gets completed

– Maintain service records and customer communications all in one place, accessible anytime via smartphone, tablet or computer

The webinar will also highlight the regional collaborative in New England that is getting ready to introduce online service coordination to local boat owners and other regional collaborative efforts.

This one hour webinar will be held on Thursday, May 15th at 1:00PM EDT.  To register for this webinar click here. (Registration is FREE for ABBRA members)